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Diaper Quest 2055 Full [BEST] Crack

0 The crystal clear water of the fountain is a priceless treasure in a land such as this.1 The cracked and dry fountain is a pitiful sight.2 The fountain water is cool and refreshing.3 You don't have a waterskin.4 But you do take advantage of the opportunity to quench your thirst.5 Your waterskin is full of water.6 Your waterskins are full of water.7 You fill your waterskin%c with cool, clear water from the fountain.8 The Water Elemental cooly responds with a wave.9 Any adventurer who would try to get water from an Elemental-inhabited fountain must be wet behind the ears. That's no way to make a splash.10 For your information, "Go with the flow" is just an expression! Wave bye-bye, everyone...11 You pick up the waterskin that now contains the essence of the Water Elemental.12 You put the waterskin away.13 Your efforts managed to blow the Water Elemental out of the fountain temporarily, but it quickly returned when you stopped.

Diaper Quest 2055 Full Crack

0 Good. I hate to part with it unless there is a very good cause. 1 The Apothecary Shop is aflame with reds, yellows, and oranges, and smoky incense fills the air. The druggist is busy creating pills and powders. 2 Ah, good day. I am busy as always, making up a batch of pills. If you need something, just let me know. 3 To serve you is an honor. 4 I have already given you my very last speck of powder. 5 I should think that someone with your particular skills would be able to think of another way to defeat the Earth Elemental. 6 My Powder of Burning is much too valuable to be wasted needlessly. 7 Someone with your skills can do without my Powder of Burning. 8 With fiery emotion, you explain to Harik that the Earth Elemental is attacking the city. At first, he seems unconvinced, but your eloquence finally sways him. 9 As I said, I really could not give you the little bit that I have. 10 I have already given you my very last speck of it. 11 I only have a little left. I really couldn't part with it for any price. 12 Are you really certain you need this? 13 Yes, Powder of Burning might be of some use against an Earth Elemental. 14 Thank you. I wish I could have seen it, though. The fire must have been lovely. 15 Humph. Nobody likes a braggart. You seem to have forgotten who gave you the Powder of Burning. 16 You ardently describe the Fire Elemental to Harik. 17 Yes, I have heard of these things. Wouldn't it be a wondrous sight! 18 Isn't it exciting? Of course, some people don't appreciate its beauty. They actually want to get rid of it! 19 I must sadly admit that it did get out of hand. I suppose you did the right thing in vanquishing it. 20 Although you know that Harik would be most generous if offered a real Fire Elemental of his own, you decide that the creature in the lamp might prove invaluable to you at some later date. 21 You breathily describe the Air Elemental to Harik. 22 Such a thing is not nearly so grand as the Fire Elemental. 23 You fluidly describe the Water Elemental to Harik. 24 Well, I hope you figure out how to deal with it. This city will soon run out of water. 25 Such a thing would not be nearly as grand as a Fire Elemental. 26 You give Harik a brief description of the caged beast. 27 That sounds most interesting. It is probably not a natural creature, but around here, who can tell? You could try a Dispel Potion on it, though. 28 Most interesting, I'm sure, but I'm a busy man. 29 I have many pills for sale. Which do you want? 30 There is no way that I could possibly reduce my price. 31 Did you wish to buy some pills? 32 I am trying to stay in business. The more I give, the more I lose. It shall be what I asked for, 70 centimes. 33 My price is firm. 34 I have already made this potion for you. I have no more ingredients with which to make another. 35 If you will but bring me the ingredients, I should be happy to make the potion for you at no charge. 36 To make a dispel potion, I will need the feather of a Griffin, and let me think,... ah, that may be a problem. I need the "Fruit of Compassion." 37 And just what is it you are bargaining for? 38 You need to add the victim's hair to the potion I made for you just before you give it to the victim. It must be freshly collected from the victim. 39 I suggest you do not touch what you do not know. The wrong drug could easily be fatal. 40 If you need something, I'd be pleased to sell it to you. 41 Most strange. If you have an upset stomach, perhaps you should buy a Healing Pill. 42 That was in exceptionally poor taste. 43 Forgive me, but I have no time for such a thing. 44 You take the money and put it away. 45 Since you put it that way, I guess I will just have to give you the Powder of Burning. 46 Be very careful with it. You need to remember to be as far from the target as you can, or you might be damaged by the reaction. 47 It will probably take all the powder I can give you to defeat such a thing as the Earth Elemental. Do not waste it, and please do not miss when you throw it. 48 Please tell me what happens when you use it. I'm sorry I can't be there, but I have much work to do. 49 You pick up the powder of burning and put it away. 50 Ah, I did not notice you come in. 51 Have you seen the Fire Elemental? It is magic of the most marvelous kind. So very beautiful, the dancing flames. If I but had such a creature at my command, the pills I would make! 52 I have heard that it was you that vanquished the Fire Elemental. How woundrously brave you must be. 53 I have heard that it was you that vanquished the Elemental of Air as well as of Flame. Perhaps you now need to know something about the Element of Earth. 54 I have heard a rumor that you are taking a caravan to Raseir. It would be best if you purchased some extra pills to take with you. 55 This is the Apothecary, where one can buy many wondrous pills and oils. I am Harik. If you need something, just let me know. 56 Welcome back. If you see something which interests you, let me know. 57 Watch this. 58 See how the flame reacts to incense? Fire is attracted to the things it burns because it is very vain. 59 See how the earth is consumed by the flames! Pretty amazing, isn't it? I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned from this, although I don't quite know what that might be. 60 It would be very possible to lure the Fire Elemental away from the plazas using this incense, and where it is weak from hunger and water, capture it. 61 You know, incense would make quite a lure for a Fire Elemental. 62 As you have discovered, incense is quite a lure for Fire Elementals. 63 Maybe you could use some magical fire to burn magical earth? I do have some Powder of Burning that might work. But it is very rare, and it makes such pretty flames! I'd hate to have it wasted. 64 Now I must get back to my work. If you see something which interests you, let me know. 65 The pills you request are a mere %d dinars. 66 Because you are such a fine person, for you I will make a special deal. I will sell you three doses of pills at regular price, and throw in a fourth dose free of charge. 67 The incense will cost you but the price of my ingredients, a mere 70 centimes. 68 Very well. If it will save the city, you may take the incense. 69 Very well. You may take the incense. 70 The oil will cost you 20 centimes. 71 You speak as one born to bargain. It shall be 15 centimes. 72 I still need the "Fruit of Compassion." You need to add the victim's hair at the last moment. 73 I still need the feather of the Griffin. You need to add the victim's hair at the last moment. 74 I am in awe of your bravery that you have defeated so many of theses fearful monsters, but I am presently overstocked with scorpion venom, and I can purchase no more. 75 My, you are the brave and fortunate one! I am now almost completely stocked with scorpion venom. I will purchase one more scorpion tail. 76 Ah, wonderful. I was almost out of Poison Cure Pills. Now I can make up some more. Here is your reward of %d dinars. 77 My spine shivers at the thought of so much battle with the fiendish Ghouls, but despite your bravery, I regret that my larder of Ghoul claws is full, and I can purchase no more. 78 Your valor in the face of the dreaded Ghouls is impressive. My supply of claws is almost complete, but I will yet purchase a few more. 79 Now I can continue with my experiments. A thousand thanks for these, and may this reward of %d dinars gladden your heart. 80 You take an oil-filled lamp. 81 I'm sorry, but I can only accept the coins of Shapeir. You will need to first see the Money Changer. 82 I'm afraid you do not have enough money for the purchase. 83 There is a special money-back guarantee with every pill I sell. If you die because of a pill, I will gladly refund your money. 84 A potion to break enchantments? I know of one in which the victim drinks the potion and the spell ends. 85 It is a pity that I do not have any of the potion made up. I have most of the ingredients, though. If you could find the ingredients I am missing, then I could make some dispel potions for you. 86 To make a dispel potion, I will need the feather of a Griffin, and, let me think,... ah, that may be a problem. I need the "Fruit of Compassion." 87 I cannot make the potion without all the ingredients. 88 I will need a Griffin's feather and the "Fruit of Compassion". You must add the hair of the victim yourself at the last moment. It must be fresh. 89 Oh yes. Have you had a chance to use it yet? I would be most anxious to hear how it worked. 90 You give the Fruit of Compassion and the Griffin Feather to Harik. 91 This will only take me a second. 92 There. I do for you what I would not for another. This is a gift for all you have done for the city. 93 I have made up three potions from what you gave me. 94 Remember to have the victim drink the potion in order to break the spell. 95 You will need to remember to add a freshly collected sample of the victim's hair before the victim drinks it. 96 You take the three potion bottles and put them away. 97 Now, please excuse me. I really must get back to my work. 98 But I have already given the dispel potion to you. 99 If you can but get me the Griffin's feather, I will give you the potion. 100 If you can but get me the "Fruit of Compassion", I will give you the potion. 101 If you can but get me the Griffin's feather and the "Fruit of Compassion", I will give you the potion. 102 I'm not sure what you wish to capture. 103 It's a scale, without which Harik would be unbalanced. 104 You can't get a weigh with that. You'd get pounded. 105 There seem to be books in many languages, few of which are comprehensible to you, but you do recognize some old favorites, such as %s 106 The shelves are filled with unusual objects. You see something that looks like %s.


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