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Best Antiques To Buy And Sell

There are half a dozen other large-scale and lesser-known online marketplaces to consider selling your antiques. A simple Google search will bring up some reputable sites, but remember that your exposure on websites like this might be less. Some less common marketplaces that allow you to sell antiques and collectibles include:

best antiques to buy and sell


If you have something particular to sell, it might be worthwhile reaching out to some renowned antique dealers on the internet. Check out their website or shop policies and see what they say about buying wholesale from the public. You may only get wholesale pricing, but you will also save time and listing fees in favor of an immediate sale.

A consignment shop differs from a regular antique shop because all the items inside are listed for sale on consignment. You agree on a price; the shop owner puts it in their store for sale. You get paid when the item sells.

Many antique dealers opt to do a few antique shows per year above and beyond other selling. This strategy allows sellers to meet other dealers and expose their business to hundreds or thousands of potential customers. Many new and inexperienced antique dealers make their start at antique shows. Start small and work upwards from there.

Many local craft fairs allow vintage and antique sellers to get booths, depending on the show type and difficulty of gaining entry. The benefit of selling antiques at a craft fair is that there will be less competition as far as other antique dealers are concerned. Some small craft fairs at schools may even have a very affordable setup fee.

Other people buy things that link them to loved ones or family members. Many people will buy collectibles that brought them a lot of joy as children and pay hundreds of pounds to see them restored to their former glory. There are even antique and vintage collectible dealers who buy these things to sell on to other people.

Electronics can be highly sought after rare items. Some of the first gaming consoles are selling online for thousands of pounds and retro Walkman cassette players are exchanging hands for hundreds. Old mobile phones are all worth money, especially some of the earlier models and so are old computers.

Once you have established that your item is saleable, you may want to seek out a more accurate valuation from an expert. There are plenty of appraisers online. They specialise in giving advice on how to store and get the best price for your particular item. It is worth seeking out advice before putting it on eBay or another site and not receiving its true worth.

What sells in antique malls? This is the one burning question that everyone--from newbies in this business to the most seasoned dealers-- wants the answer to. And truthfully, the answer to this question changes like the weather.

I fill every wall in my booths with framed art--primarily prints and paintings. I'm constantly asked how to choose art that sells in an antique mall booth. There are some key considerations that I keep in mind when I am buying a piece of artwork:

I also like to experiment by purchasing collectibles that I find interesting and watching to see if they sell (That is the beauty of going to yard sales--mistakes are cheap!) So, while I cannot say with certainty what will be a top seller for you, I can share with you a few things that are doing well for me:

My booths are in southern Arizona, in the heart of the beautiful desert. We have javelinas, bobcats, mountain lions, and prairie dogs. Our landscapes include chollas and prickly pear and cacti as far as the eye can see. I sell mugs, artwork, pottery, paintings, photographs, keychains, magnets, and various other items that represent our unique part of the country.

Here is the next step in learning what sells in antique malls. Below is the link I promised to my list of 5 Easy Ways to Stay on Top of Sales Trends. Just add your information below and I'll send you the tips right away.

Keep an eye out for these valuable antiques to look for if you're cleaning out your attic or perusing the wares at the flea market. You may be surprised what's worth a second look. Some of these items are worth thousands of dollars.

Before you toss that old postcard collection, take a quick look at what it includes. The value of old postcards depends on a number of factors, but certain designs can be highly collectible. These include cards that show holiday themes, famous people, and unique moments in history. Also look for older cards with matte printing and those with advertising on them. Some examples sell in the range of $150.

You might be surprised by the value of antique barber chairs. There are several different types of antique barber chairs in existences, but the Koken brand is especially valuable. Koken barber chairs sell within the range of $500 to over $5,000. If you have one, you may have something very valuable.

When an old building is torn down, people sometimes salvage the windows, stashing them away in a barn or basement. If the old windows have leaded glass detailing or pretty stained glass elements, they may be worth a lot of money. Antique stained glass windows range from ornate to simple, but many are highly valued for the historic beauty they can bring to modern construction. Special examples like this leafy Art Nouveau window sell for around $2,700, but even simple designs regularly fetch hundreds of dollars.

Some books can be extremely valuable, and it's not always the ones you think. Learn how to identify rare books, especially first editions that can sell for a lot of money. Cookbooks, in particular, can be valuable. Abe Books reports that the first edition of The Joy of Cooking regularly sells for over $4,000.

For many years, digital photography has outstripped film cameras in terms of popularity, and many old film cameras have languished on shelves in storage units and attics. However, a resurgence in interest in film photography has pushed values up again. Certain antique cameras and lenses are worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Lenses made of brass are often worth a lot of money, with many very good examples selling for close to $2,000.

Do you have some antique hand tools in your garage? If so, you may have some money on your hands. Look for tools in good shape with patina but no real damage and check the brand. Brands like Stanley can be especially hot with collectors. Toolboxes are also valuable with old wooden models selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay.

Even though few people use typewriters to write anymore, they have held their value as antique decorative items. Learn about the best vintage typewriter brands and their values. You might have an Underwood worth $1,000, and even an ordinary Remington can sell for $150.

Antique perfume bottles came in many different styles and materials. You'll see gorgeous glass and crystal examples, as well as bottles made from stone. Many sell for $100 or more, and some very fine examples like a Victorian glass bottle in the shape of a fish sell for about $1,500.

If you suspect you may have a valuable item, like an antique figurine worth money, it's always a good idea to double check with an appraisal. You can get antiques appraised online or visit a local professional for help. Either way, you'll know for sure whether you've found a treasure.

Antiquing today may offer some of the most attractive buying opportunities the industry has seen for decades. There are thousands of antiques and vintage shops, malls and shows across the nation, but many high-quality artifacts have fallen out of favor among collectors and decorators, which has led to drastic decreases in their market prices. Art market website Artnet, for example, reports an eight-piece set of George III dining chairs, once valued at $8,000, selling for less than $500 today.

A permanent storefront gives dealers the opportunity to create a memorable shopping experience, but it also increases overhead costs. A rent or mortgage payment increases the amount a dealer will have to make each month, just to break even. Still, in an area with high foot traffic and an interested client base, a physical location can give shoppers the chance to see your antiques in person, which can greatly increase sales potential.

At the same time, selling online allows less opportunity to create a brand for your business; buyers are less likely to remember the name of their dealer and more likely to remember the name of the platform they used to browse merchandise. Still, the most effective online sellers take excellent photos and write accurate, detailed product descriptions.

In general, antiques are rare items older than 100 years. An item older than 50 years but not quite 100 is considered a collectible. Collectibles can sometimes have considerable value but, when looking to turn a profit, it can pay to know the difference between the categories.

You made a good point that being knowledgeable about time periods is a good way to spot valuable antiques. Maybe I should start doing more research if I want to start collecting antiques in the future. Making sure that I get good value purchases every time I go to an antique shop would surely be golden.

The types of items each site, store or other venue accepts will vary. For that reason, read the fine print before listing your item for sale. You may even want to try apps for selling online or locally.

This means it can be easier for buyers to find your antique items when you list on the site. OfferUp is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to sell antiques and other items.

Final valuation fees are based on the final selling price. With the Standard Shop, you can list up to 250 items for sale. The Popular and Featured shops let you list up to 1,000 items and 2,500 items for sale, respectively.

eBay is the old standby for selling antiques and other items. One benefit of selling antiques on eBay is its reach. Its more than 177 million shoppers (according to the eBay website) mean exposure for antiques you want to sell is massive. 041b061a72


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