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Sinus Buster Where To Buy

Sinus Buster products are a line of capsaicin-based drugs that are marketed and sold online and in retail stores for between $10 and $15 per bottle. According to the class action lawsuit, Hi-Tech claims capsaicin has the ability to treat sinus congestion and related cold and allergy symptoms. The Sinus Buster products are sold as over-the-counter homeopathic drugs, and have therefore not been evaluated or approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). According to the class action lawsuit, Hi-Tech falsely represented that Sinus Buster products were effective for their advertised purpose, homeopathic, FDA-approved, and proven effective.

sinus buster where to buy

Sinus busters is the only otc product that had helped me with my Multi Chemical Sensitivity Disorder. Allergy meds do not work for chemical sensitivity I was diagnosed with MCSD 14 years ago trying prescription nasal spray full of chemicals, pills steroids backfired and did more harm than good . Other products containing capsaicin arent as effective. I was wondering why Its so hard to find and the price was skyrocketing. Ive been moistening a cotton tip with cayenne pepper and putting it in my nostril to get relief.

Do you suffer from spring allergies and sinus pain? Then Sinus Buster Herbal Tea is the remedy for you! Specially formulated to combat allergies, drain congestion, and shrink swollen nasal passages due to inflammation, Sinus Buster is a must have tea for those who struggle with seasonal allergies and sinus issues.

Feeling sick, stuffed up, have allergies or just need a good blast to clear out your sinuses? Then Sinus Buster is the shower steamer for you! This shower steamer is loaded with Menthol Crystals, Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils. The combination of these 3 elements and a hot shower is sure to help you clear your sinuses and to help you feel better. Stock up on this shower steamer to have to handy when you or your family members are sick.

Cold and flu season is here! While, thankfully, I haven't had a cold in while, I do occasionally catch them. (Yes, even health coaches get sick!) I don't have sinus cavities in my forehead, my sinuses don't drain properly. So for me, colds almost always turn into sinus infections. They're never any fun, so I'm always on defense, trying to prevent them with naturally remedies.

My allergies have been so bad lately and I've been in bed all day with my sinuses all swollen and runny I felt horrible..., so I found this recipe. After about 2-3 sips I already feel so much better! Thank you for this

I came across this recipe as my sinuses are agonising with allergies & I'm throwing all I can at it. When I was measuring out the ACV I thought it was too much and as it bubbled away it was VERY vinegar-y! However one sip and I felt better like way better than 2 saline flushes, a are and medication better! I've split the mixture & watered it down as it was too harsh for me however I feel better now and have a cup ready for heating tomorrow morning so thank you

Sinus Buster products are a line of capsaicin-based drugs sold online and in retail stores throughout the U.S. to treat sinus congestion and related cold, allergy, and headache symptoms. The lawsuit alleges these products are ineffective and worthless because they cannot treat or relieve sinus congestion or related symptoms.

My friend recommended it to me after I had been complaining about my month-long feeling-under-the-weather-ness. I had mentioned how it seemed mostly sinus related, with a lot of headaches and stuffiness and drippiness and Kleenex and mucus and coughing and yuck.

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. (Legal Newsline) - Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co. Inc. has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging that it misrepresented the efficacy of a group of over-the-counter drugs.Consumers who purchased Sinus Buster products between March 7, 2012 and Feb. 20, could be eligible for a cash payment from the settlement.Class members of the settlement include consumers who purchased Sinus Buster products - including Sinus Buster, Sinus Buster Mild, Sinus Buster Anti-Cold Formula, Cold Buster, Allergy Buster, Sinus Buster Allergy Formula, Headache Buster and Sinus Buster Headache Formula - between March 7, 2012, and Feb. 20.The settlement will provide refunds of $5 per affected product, up to a maximum of two products, to class members who do not submit a proof of purchase. Class members who submit proofs of purchase with their claim forms will be eligible to receive a full monetary refund of the actual purchase price of the affected products purchased. The claim form deadline in July 17.David Delre and Matthew Harrison will receive $2,500 each as incentive awards in recognition of their efforts on behalf of the settlement class."Class counsel shall submit a request for an award of attorneys' fees and expenses, up to a maximum of $250,000 upon the court's entry of the order and final judgment and an order awarding fees..." according to the stipulation and settlement agreement filed Dec. 23.Sinus Buster products are a line of capsaicin-based drugs that are marketed and sold online and in retail stores for between $10 and $15 per bottle.Hi-Tech claimed capsaicin has the ability to treat sinus congestion and related cold and allergy symptoms, according to the suit.Delre claimed he purchased Sinus Buster products, which did not give him the relief promised on the product's label or in the defendants' advertisements.Harrison claimed the defendant's advertising claims were false and the products did not relieve his congestion.The plaintiffs also claimed they were concerned regarding the efficacy of homeopathic products and that the Sinus Buster products were not homeopathic but "are illegal unapproved non-homeopathic drugs."Hi-Tech falsely represented that Sinus Buster products were effective for their advertised purpose, homeopathic, FDA-approved, and proven effective, according to the suit.The plaintiffs claimed Hi-Tech misrepresented the efficacy of its Sinus Buster products in violation of consumer protection and warranty laws.Had they known the products were labeled inaccurately, the plaintiffs would not have purchased or paid as much for the products, according to the suit.Hi-Tech denies the allegations but has agreed to the class action settlement to avoid the expense and uncertainty of ongoing litigation.A final hearing is scheduled for June 27.The plaintiffs were represented by Antonio Vozzolo and Courtney E. Maccarone of Faruqi & Faruqi LLP; and Scott A. Burso and Joseph I. Marchese of Bursor & Fisher PA.Hi-Tech was represented by Jeffrey N. Levy of Tashlik Goldwyn Crandell Levy LLP.The case was assigned to District Judge Arthur D. Spatt.U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York case number: 1:12-cv-02429From Legal Newsline: Kyla Asbury can be reached at

This is an easy aromatic, antibiotic protocol to use when your sinuses are congested with infection. It's safe, effective and will most likely make your eyes water but oh it's good to feel the sinuses open up again!

Sinus Buster's Nasal Spray utilizes capsaicin, a botanical extract derived from cayenne peppers that has a long history of use as a natural therapeutic agent for a variety of ailments. Recent studies suggest capsaicin is highly effective in reducing nasal congestion, sinus pressure and pain. Nasal Spray's fast-acting formula begins working in less than a minute and will have no negative effects on your nose or sense of smell.

Includes: 1 bottle of Silver Sinus, 1 bottle of Sinus Buster & 1 bottle of Turbo Snort Save Money when you buy these three great sinus relief products together! Our combination packs offer excellent value on multiple product purchases. Learn More About Sinus Sinus Learn More About Sinus Buster Learn More About Turbo Snort

Sinus Buster Nasal Spray provides fierce relief from sinus and nasal congestion.- Fast: Fierce sinus relief begins in under a minute- Effective: Attacks congestion at the source of the problem- Safe: Non habit-forming homeopathic formula with chili pepper- Guaranteed: It works, or get a full refund'The proof is in the pepperCapsaicin, a botanical extract derived from chili pepper, has long been used as a therapeutic agent for a variety of ailments including sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, and sinus headaches. It is the unique and powerful active ingredient in Sinus Buster(R). Might sound crazy... but it works like crazy!A Buster Brand product by Akorn, Inc.

Bonnie Pierson and her family lost everything when Hurricane Katrina hit--their cars, homes, and many of their worldly possessions. With nowhere to turn, Bonnie and her family made the trek to a relative's home in upstate New York. Bonnie had been suffering from chronic headaches for many years, but after Katrina hit, her headache and sinus symptoms grew significantly worse. In October 2005, as the mold spores began spreading throughout the vacated neighborhoods of her Louisiana parish, Bonnie found Sinus Buster hot pepper nasal spray at C's Discount Pharmacy in Metairie, Louisiana. Bonnie was amazed at how well this strange "All Natural" concoction worked for her headaches and allergy symptoms, and she has been using it ever since. After moving to New York, Bonnie started hearing from friends and family suffering from the symptoms of "Katrina Cough" that included headaches, congestion, and severe sinus complications. 041b061a72


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